Access Lab & Library

Access Lab & Library (ALL) approaches access as a temporary, collectively-held space, as an experimental field, and as a platform for generosity.

We are Fayen d’Evie, Lloyd Mst and Jon Tjhia. Our lab offers iterative prototyping of inter/sensory access innovations through performance, exhibition and publication collaborations. Our partners are artists, collectives and commissioning organisations.
Our library will share case studies and guides to artist-led access strategies — and, we hope, grow to offer a lending system for access equipment, starting with Naarm/Melbourne and regional Victoria.

We’re in pursuit of access beyond baseline compliance; access that aligns with individual and collective ethics and distinctive creative practices.

… more to come, soon …

We work from the unceded sovereign lands, waters and skies of Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Jaara Country, in the south-east corner of so-called Australia.


7 August 2023

Choose a snack, something like an apple or mandarin. Move from where you are reading this to another place. Find a comfortable spot to rest. Eat your snack as you take in your surrounds. Think about curiosity. Think about joy. Think about the movement of your hands as you eat, and the movements of your mouth and jaw, and the sensations in your body. Speak aloud adjectives that might describe the sensations. Be playful and generous. Don't worry about being accurate. Approximations and tangential description are fine. Speak aloud verbs that describe the movement.

Record a short voice memo, beginning with some of the adjectives you came up with, then some of the verbs you came up with. Be generous with yourself, approximations and stumbles are fine. Mixing up adjectives and verbs is fine. Joy and curiosity are more important. Keep recording, shifting your attention from memories of movements inside your body, to what is happening in the moment around you. Share a description of a few things that you notice around you, improvising a list of adjectives and verbs. Keep recording but turn your head in a different direction. Close with one sentence that describes the new scene in front of you.

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