Access Lab & Library

Access Lab & Library (ALL) approaches access as a temporary, collectively-held space, as an experimental field, and as a platform for generosity.

We are Fayen d’Evie, Lloyd Mst and Jon Tjhia. Our lab offers iterative prototyping of inter/sensory access innovations through performance, exhibition and publication collaborations. Our partners are artists, collectives and commissioning organisations.
Our library will share case studies and guides to artist-led access strategies — and, we hope, grow to offer a lending system for access equipment, starting with Naarm/Melbourne and regional Victoria.

We’re in pursuit of access beyond baseline compliance; access that aligns with individual and collective ethics and distinctive creative practices.

… more to come, soon …

We work from the unceded sovereign lands, waters and skies of Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Jaara Country, in the south-east corner of so-called Australia.


6 October 2023

In our recent audiodescription workshop Georgina Kleege, she described some of the anxieties of the audiodescriber: getting bogged down in worrying about who you’re describing to, what they know, what their background is, what their preferences are. ‘It gets people tied into knots,’ she said.

How to address it? Georgina suggests that focussing on your own experiences and perceptions with a piece of art is key. Bringing your own subjectivity, your personal perceptions and your own take. Simply: ‘What is this piece of art doing to you in the moment?’
‘And so then the challenge there is to really attend to what's going through your mind as you're watching something. You know, what strikes you, what emotional responses you have. Do those change over time, and so on and so forth. So trying to put those things into words – the thoughts that are going on through your mind, the emotions that are going on as you're watching – and letting that be what you share with your audience.’

Above is a short video excerpt from a part of ~~~~~“…derelict in uncharted space…” featuring Georgina, filmed and edited by Nelly Kate. In the performance, it will appear in very low lighting, projected on two sides of a solid rectangular screen suspended above the seated performers. 

During your describing, we welcome the role of memory in what you see – and what you see in memory. For this exercise, we invite you to watch the excerpt above, walk away from it, then make a voice recording describing something that returns to your mind from seeing it earlier.

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